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Fellows of Teach for Afghanistan Organization fight against discrimination

Nowadays, girls are facing various problems, gender discrimination being one of them, that begins in families. Boys have more value and rights than girls do because their families think that only boys would become their future capital. This discrimination prevents girls from realizing their worth and making no effort for their future.

Ms. Rawzia Malikzadeh is one of the best fellows at the Teach for Afghanistan Organization. She said that during the evaluation and consultation with my students, I realized that they suffer from this problem and say that they do not have equal rights with boys in the society, the reason has caused their inability to build their future.

To make my students aware of their rights and express their abilities, I used two eggs with two different colors to represent the two sexes of male and female. Then, by breaking both eggs, I showed them that although outwardly, both eggs looked different in colors, while we look at the inside of the eggs were the same.

Allah Almighty has created all of us (men and women) alike with different physical abilities; the best of us in His Glory is the most pious of us. Each individual has a unique talent for a particular job. We are interdependent and cannot move the wheel of life without each other. Therefore, discrimination between men and women should not be allowed.

You need to value your talents and abilities and eliminate this misconception in society. “By providing the above example, I asked the students to talk to their families and explain to them the main point. Ms. Rawzia Malikzadeh added, “The Students expressed happiness and gratitude for the positive examples and the changes in their lives as per the impact of my sayings.”

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