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On International Girl Day

On International Girl’s Day
Teach for Afghanistan as a team has the objective to work for girls’ quality education, empowerment, and decrease school dropouts; therefore, we have trained the fellows to turn this vision into reality.
Ms. Shabana Sakhizada a fellow of Teach for Afghanistan Organization, teaching in Lakar School, explained how she faced a challenge during her fellowship journey. “Lakar is a school that besides the lack of classrooms, chairs, and boards, is located in an area where parents would not want their daughter to attend school once they reach their adolescence”.
Ms. Shabana said, “I noticed one of my students, sitting sad and depressed outside the school on a rock. I asked her what was happening to her. She replied by saying that, she really loved to continue attending school, get educated and serve the country as a champion of peace; however, her family was preventing her just because she was a girl. In their thinking, girls in her village do not further their education in the school as it would be a shame for the family”. The student continued, “I will have to drop out of the school”. She added, “I may only be allowed to attend a Madrassa”.
Her statement that she has to drop out shocked and stressed me out. It is not just for a talented girl to drop out because of her gender. I believe that all human beings are born with the freedom and equal dignity and rights. My frustration and care made me visit her family. I spoke to the family about her talent and abilities and begged them to allow the student to continue her studies in school. I made them aware of the benefits of school and education and convinced them to let her reach her dream of becoming educated who would work for the wellbeing of her community. They finally agreed and promised to let her stay.
A few days later, I saw the same girl thanking me for inspiring her family. She said, “Now my family is aware of my educational rights, they, therefore, have committed to support me during the course of the school. I’m grateful to you teacher Shabana”.
Teachers like Shabana are caring fellows who help the students reach their dream and achieve their goals. Thanks to the Teach for Afghanistan Organization for sending such kind and excellent teachers.