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Actions on Climate Change are Taking Place

Actions on Climate Change are Taking Place

Education is crucial in the increasingly urgent global fight against climate change. Young people may better understand and confront the impact of climate change if they are aware of this issue, which encourages them to modify their behavior and adapt to what is already a global emergency. Ms. Fatema Nihami, a TAO fellow and chemistry teacher at one of Parwan province’s schools, went to school with the goal of one day assisting other girls in becoming as self-sufficient and supportive to their families, communities, and society as she is.

While teaching, she saw that some of her pupils were missing, and their classmates said that the air pollution had caused them to become ill. Ms. Fatema looked for and discovered ways to raise awareness about air pollution prevention in her culture. She created a model of a factory that uses materials that produce SO2 and other acidic gases into the air, resulting in acidic wind and rain that may ruin the land, trees, and is hazardous to both humans and animals. She showed the model to her class and requested them to wear masks to protect themselves and plant trees; she then urged all teachers to display the model to their children; finally, she discussed the difficulties to the principal and other members of the community, informing them of the dangers of air pollution and asking them to protect themselves and their families.

Her students saying that Ms. Fatema constantly teaches us with efficient models that help us learn more. She utilizes basic materials and shows us that we can produce efficient and amazing educational things with tiny and basic things. Female teachers are in high demand in rural regions and most of the schools are located far from the city, Teach For Afghanistan Organization (TAO) considered this and assigned female fellows to the most vulnerable schools. TAO Female fellow teaches schools daily, eager to leave a positive impact on Afghan females.