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Applications Submission and Timeline


Teach for Afghanistan fellows come from all academic disciplines and backgrounds from recent graduates to accomplished professionals, and their profiles are considered strong when the candidates prove themselves as passionate leaders, and have the ability to create and changes inside and outside the class, and have a transformational impact on their students in the short-term and long term, be leaders to fight for educational equity beyond Fellowship and should strongly believe in commitment to Teach for Afghanistan’s vision and mission.

Below criteria are designed as competencies for the solution of the problem of inequity in the short and long term, and to be eligible for Teach for Afghanistan, applicants must:

  1. Be Afghan or hold Afghanistan citizenship at the time of application. The candidates must understand the culture and context of Afghanistan.
  2. Should have completed or been on track to complete a Bachelor’s degree three months before applying for a fellowship with Teach For Afghanistan.
  3. Have achieved a high credit average or above at the university marking.
  4. Should be young and passionate.
  5. Well, knowledge and awareness of the current education system and problems of Afghanistan. Through the selection process, the following competencies are also considered essential:
    •  Leadership achievement: if the candidate has gained any significant, measurable result in school, university, and any other extracurricular activities to prove his leadership activities.
    • Commitment to impact and should believe the power of education. The Teach for Afghanistan fellows should be committed to our program values and be committed to bringing the change.
    • Ability to work under pressure:
    •  Good communication skills and familiarity with local languages and International Language(English):In a country like Afghanistan communication plays a vital role, Pashto and Dari are among the most spoken, written, and understood languages of Afghanistan, to be a TAO fellow one must have full command over both local and international languages and should have clear communication skills.
    • Problem-solving: critical thinker, problem-solution generator, and Sympathy


The Teach for Afghanistan announces the opening of fellowships program by;

  • TAO website application form 
  • Job announcement website 
  • Online Application Form
  • Distribute printed application forms to public universities ( Kabul, Parwan, and Nangarhar)

Receiving the application forms by;

  • TAO website application form
  • Emails
  • Online application form
  • Accept applications through our mobile recruitment boots in universities, post box application submission, or submission of the applications directly to our recruitment offices.