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The Problem:

People of Afghanistan witnessed a shortage of inspiration for reflecting on tomorrow’s life, which causes them not to have any mission, plan, and objectives for it.


• To decrease the number of negative thoughts of Afghans by giving them hope through sharing success stories of successful people.

• To bring positive changes in the mindset of Afghans by visualizing facts about tomorrow’s possibilities, opportunities, workplaces, and secure living environment.


Most of us are keen to help the underprivileged, the people in need. Several causes attract charity; possibly the most fundamental, and the best “return on investment” cause is that of education, because of the inevitable ripple effect: you educate one person, and the lives of many others around that person as well the lives of all subsequent generations are necessarily improved.    We offer you a platform where you get the opportunity to adopt a classroom or E even a school, and get involved directly in children’s education. You can fund the initial nominal equipment for the school to deploy our solution, work with school authorities

to eliminate initial difficulties such as lack of classrooms, study table, setting chairs, chalks, white boards, schools bags, shoes, or of electricity, and get the education program started. You could also delegate the sponsor’s role to a reliable individual who would initiate and shoulder the responsibility on your behalf.