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Classroom Stories

Classroom Stories

Actions on Climate Change are Taking Place

In the increasingly urgent worldwide struggle against climate change, education is critical. Knowledge of this phenomenon aids young people in comprehending and addressing the effects of climate change, as well as encouraging them to adjust their behavior and adapt to what is already a worldwide emergency.

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Fellows' Struggling to Decrease the Dropout rate of Students

Ms. Binafsha Rasikh is a teacher at Part 11 High School, where she teaches physics to students. She became distraught after learning that one of her eighth-grade students, Nazanin, had gone missing. She went to the girl’s house and discovered that her brother was disrespecting and not allowing her to go o school. The girl’s parents expressed regret for what their son did, saying that they didn’t want to lose her as a student. The student now aspires to be a pioneer in order to raise awareness and prevent girls in her community from dropping out of school.

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Midterm Exam Become Stressful for Most of the school Student

During the COVID-19 pandemic while schools were closed and the direct connection of teachers with students in-person was perilous. People would have to observe the social distance. For this reason, students did not go to schools, and teachers were not allowed to teach students in person. Read the full article here

What is Teach For Afghanistan's message for the students in the COVID-19 period?

My message to all the Afghan students and the young generation is to be calm and stay at home. We will overcome this world pandemic and will start our daily life as before. I want to add that this is a time that we should empower ourselves to become a better person and learn as much as we can. The best place to learn the school subjects are watching the Inikas and Sharq TV station in Jalalabad city that provide teaching for all the school subjects. Read the full article here

When Afsana’s parents pressured her to drop out, she found an ally in her favorite teacher

“My family says that in our village if a girl goes to high school, she will bring shame to my family.” .Read the full article here

On International Girl Day

On International Girl’s Day
Teach for Afghanistan as a team has the objective to work for girls’ quality education, empowerment, and decrease school dropouts; therefore, we have trained the fellows to turn this vision into reality. Read the full article here

Practical teaching contributes to the subject’s clarification, making the students thrilled, happy & active.

“My goal in building this model and teaching it to my students was not just to create the look and feel of the plane, but to use it to motivate my students to know that humans can do anything,” says Ms.Zakia. Read the full article here

Fellows of Teach for Afghanistan Organization fight against discrimination

Nowadays, girls are facing various problems, gender discrimination being one of them, that begins in families. Boys have more value and rights than girls do because their families think that only boys would become their future capital. This discrimination prevents girls from realizing their worth and making no effort for their future.

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No words to express your ideas? Draw it!

 Art is a skill that allows man to express their thoughts and imagination through their paintings and drawings. In the process of teaching and learning, it is important to pay attention to students’ skills and thoughts; therefore, in the school’s break time Ms. Karima Pasdar teaches art to her five selected students.  Read the full article here

Unknown and the Variable

Learning is the ability that man is born with. In my fellowship journey, I learned a lot from my students’ experiences and beliefs; everyone has something to share that a lesson can be learned from.Read the full article here

Teach For Afghanistan’s Fellow opens a Library for girls in her school

Muzghan Amine is a teacher with a vision that all children deserve a quality education, access to resources. She believes that before anyone else extends the helping hand one should be tried with the limited resources they have in hand.Read the full article here

Language, what do you think of the language in your daily life?

“In Afghanistan, we speak Dari, Pashto, and many other languages. I don’t believe, I would ever face a need for the English language,” said Shabana a student of the 6th-grade class. Read more

There are many ways to solve a problem; you just need to open your eyes and find the possible ones.

“I believe that school is the place where parents send their children to receive a good education, therefore, the students should learn most of their life lessons in there,” she said. On the other hand, teaching is based on using both practical and theoretical methods using real materials. .Read the full article here

Every person could leave a positive impact, why not you?

Ms. Parwin has an extreme focus on girls’ abilities; “most of the girls are creative and imaginative” she says. Read the full article here.

The school's path is full of Mine Dangers

Teacher Aqla is one of the Fellows of Teach for Afghanistan organization (TAO), busy servicing the country’s children in a school away from the roads and cities. She was introduced to a school located on the slopes of the mountain far from the city.Read the full article here

Muzhgan, a Teach For Afghanistan fellow, is working to give girls hands-on Chemistry experience.

Before Muzhgan arrived, the chemistry lab at the girls’ school in rural Bagram just sat gathering dust. With no qualified teachers, there wasn’t anyone to show students practical experiments. Muzhgan decided to change that. Read the full Artical here

5 OCTOBER 2018