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Every person could leave a positive impact, why not you?

Every person could leave a positive impact, why not you?

Ms. Parwin Nassery is a fellow of Teach for Afghanistan who believes girls are the backbone of the community, therefore, we should pay most of our attention to their education. Moreover, she has an extreme focus on girls’ abilities; “most of the girls are creative and imaginative” she says. Ms. Nassery added that while teaching English and computer subjects; she found out about her students’ art skills. She says, “I found many beautiful drawings on the student’s computer and English notebooks. I become very enthusiastic to improve my student’s skills and went to talk with the art’s teacher”; besides seeing the art teacher, I thought about how to improve students’ art skills.

The art teacher and I, we both agreed to put up an art exhibition at the school. The school’s head management appreciated the idea and agreed to hold an art exhibition not only this year but every year. We held the exhibition openly and asked the students to draw some creative arts and share them on the exhibition day. We received many beautiful arts from the students. I was observing how happy and enthusiastic my students were by providing details about their arts to other students. Many of the girls even continued drawing creative arts for the next year’s exhibition.  

Ms. Parwin continued saying, “In my opinion drawing expresses the students’ thinking and feeling, so, what students choose to draw, the patterns they use, present a story to help them build up their knowledge and visual skills. Who knows, one day one of them will become a great artist, a great painter, or, a great cartoonist; the first encouraging step is necessary to take for any task”.

Teach for Afghanistan is a platform for young and fresh university graduates, passionate to help and support the education sector throughout Afghanistan.  Parwin Nasery is one of Teach for Afghanistan’s fellows in Nangarhar Province. She has a bachelor in Arabic language and diplomas in English and Information Technology (IT). She selected to teach computer and English subjects in the school in Nangarhar Province where most of the girls aren’t allowed to continue schools due to a lack of female teachers. Parwin Nasery is a university graduate who wants to fill the gap and help girls to study and make their future life better. Teach for Afghanistan is proud of this fellow helping students find their freedom of expression and imagination.