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What is Teach for Afghanistan Organization?

Teach for Afghanistan Organization is a non-profit organization which provides an opportunity to Afghanistan’s most promising university graduates to serve as full-time teachers to children in the country’s most under-resourced schools. Through the two-year Fellowship program, these change makers get exposed to the grass root reality and then post the Fellowship, they work across the system in their own capacities to solve the educational inequity.

How can I apply for Teach for Afghanistan Organization Fellowship?

You can apply to the fellowship by registering at the TAO’s recruitment booth at your respective universities.

How are the applicants selected for the fellowship?

TAO looks for highly qualified young university graduates who must have scored 75% and above in their graduation or master’s degree. Also, the candidate should be able to showcase leadership qualities, organizational skills and deep passion to serve their community.

Why should I join Teach for Afghanistan Organization?

If you are the one who deeply believes the future of Afghanistan can be changed by education, if you are the one up for challenges and open to learning and be a part of diverse team which helps you grow personally and professionally, then the fellowship is best suited for you. TAO fellowship offers you the chance to make a real difference in society by teaching the underprivileged and most affected kids of conflict. The Fellowship will help you develop leadership skills and gives you opportunity to become a part of the solution and a change agent in the society.

What does Teach for Afghanistan Organizations fellowship entail?

The fellowship is a two-year long commitment to teach in a classroom and create a productive environment of learning. The fellowship journey will develop leadership skills in you by constant support and mentoring. Fellows are exposed to understand the education crisis of country and find solutions in their own capacity to solve them.

Why does Teach for Afghanistan Organizations fellowship last for two years?

The fellowship lasts for two years because the first year a Fellow refines his/her teaching skills and analyzes the system and in the second year fellows starts a project with the school or the community to maximize its impact. The two-year commitment is a small step for a lifelong deeper movement of educational equity.

Which Provinces of Afghanistan are you based in?

Teach for Afghanistan Organization has 230 fellows based in two provinces Nangarhar and Parwan in 69 schools impacting more than 60,000 students

Will I be trained before teaching?

Teach for Afghanistan Organization trains fellows before placing them in schools. The fellows go through pedagogy and child psychology trainings which helps them to refine their teaching skills.

How much will I be paid during the fellowship?

Teach for Afghanistan Organization’s fellows are paid equal to their respective government school teachers.

How will fellowship help me grow professionally?

Teach for Afghanistan Organization strongly believes that excellent teachers employ the same skills as excellent leaders in any field. The two years of fellowship in the classroom will help Fellows develop leadership skills such as organization, communication, problem-solving, people management and resourcefulness that are valuable in any sector.

If I don’t want to be a fellow is there any other way, I can help?

Yes, you can volunteer in of our classroom or work as an intern. For more info, please contact