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Fellows’ Struggling to Decrease the Dropout rate of Students

Fellows’ Struggling to Decrease the Dropout rate of Students

Ms. Binafsha Rasikh is a certified teacher who teaches science to students in Part 11 High School. She is a warm-hearted person who treats her students as sisters, which is why they feel comfortable sharing their concerns with her. She often uses a variety of teaching techniques to keep her students engaged in class, and she often asks students if they are missing in order to assist them. She discovered one day that her eighth-grade student Nazanin was missing, and she became depressed.

As Ms. Binafsha pressed her for an explanation, she replied, “Why are girls so weak?” I told them they aren’t weak; they have the power to change the world, but Nazanin sobbed and said, “No, we aren’t, and we aren’t able to fulfill our dreams; in our society, they believe only boys can do something, and we aren’t allowed to go out,” she said, adding that her brother won’t let her go to school, and her mother and father can’t speak to him because if she raises her voice, he will beat her. She comes to school when he goes out, and no one knows but her mum. She knows she can’t keep this a secret, and once her brother finds out, he won’t let her, which is why she is missing for days.

Ms.Binafsha asked her for her home address and her parents’ phone numbers, then she called them and went to their house. She met her parents and told them she was worried that she wasn’t coming to school because she was talented and they didn’t want to lose her as a student. She also explained the importance of education, saying that educating a girl is like educating a society.

Boys and girls are also human, and our faith allows them to study; ignoring them means you are acting according to your religion; no one is allowed to treat their daughter, sister, or wife badly. Her parents expressed regret for what their son has done and stated that she is just their daughter and that they have rights over her, that they will not allow her brother to harass her, and that she will attend school on a regular basis. Nazanin was weeping with joy every time I saw her, and it made me proud because she was thankful and thanking me every day. Now she has completed her exams with flying colors, and she dreams of being a leader or a community server to raise consciousness and deter girls from being abused in her society.