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[RE]LEARN 2020 – The Learning Innovation Festival

Providing Equal, Quality, and Safe education in a state of emergency

This session will be an important and unique session where the audience will not only learn about educational inequity, gender discrimination but also solutions to those most challenging problems. This session helps the audience to learn unique innovative approaches that we are using without the internet, smartphones, or even electricity. This session is about providing education in the most fragile and insecure context of Afghanistan. The inequality in the education sector in Afghanistan and Asia broadly. The challenges girls and women face because of their gender and how do we address those unique challenges with the most unique solutions in the most difficult contexts.


Tough school? War, illiteracy and hope in Afghanistan

The idea of drafting a nation’s brightest new graduates to become teachers in the most deprived areas has been used in both the United States and the UK,

How “Teach for Afghanistan” Sent 23,000 Children to School in 2017

KABUL — Following progress made in education over the last decade, work to improve education in Afghanistan is still needed in order to help nearly 3.6 million children make their way to school.

Educating Afghanistan’s young people is the only true solution to the scourge of terrorism

Last month, a US government agency issued an assessment of the United States’ efforts to help Afghanistan recover from the devastation of 16 years of war.

Empowering young Afghan women talents to lead as excellent educators avoiding Afghan girls from drop-out of schools.

Teach for Afghanistan proposes a project to address both internal and external factors leading toward girls drop-out from Afghan schools.

Teach for Afghanistan: Education in Afghanistan

UNICEF Chief of Education Jo Bourne has stated that when children living in conflict zones are unable to access education opportunities they fail to develop even basic skills in reading and writing,

Inspiring a new generation of leaders with Teach for Afghanistan

In my country of Afghanistan, opportunity is limited and hope for the future impossible for many families to imagine. At the root of the problem is the state of education.


KABUL, AFGHANISTAN – Afghanistan is recruiting its best and brightest students throughout the country to help teach others through a new USAID supported program called “Teach For Afghanistan”.

Teach For Afghanistan Joins Teach For All

We are excited to announce that Teach For Afghanistan has joined Teach For All, becoming the global network’s 43rd partner. Teach For Afghanistan’s mission is to recruit and develop the country’s most promising graduates