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Midterm Exam Become Stressful for Most of the School Student

During the COVID-19 pandemic while schools were closed and the direct connection of teachers with students in-person was perilous. People would have to observe the social distance. For this reason, students did not go to schools, and teachers were not allowed to teach students in person. The only way to reach students and overall teaching and receiving lessons were through the internet and electricity if they have access to it. Most of the population of Afghanistan has no access to the internet and electricity facilities which could somehow prevent people to reach out to students. These issues have drawn the attention of Teach For Afghanistan (TAO ) fellows to not remain behind from the assistance to students, and they worked on natural sciences subjects theoretical and practical lessons, short notes, and formulae for students as home delivery learning kits. TAO Fellows prepared these notes from all the school subjects as separate chapters and printed them.

Afterward, re-opening of schools midterm examinations in schools were close to the start; however, most of the students did not get prepared, as they did not have access to school lessons. They were confused and worried about their exams, and some of the students were not coming to school. They were scared if they could not pass their exams their families will not let them continue their studies. Therefore, to help students, TAO Fellows distributed short-notes and a collection of formulae to the students at schools, and for those who were not coming to school, they went to their homes and gave them the chapters. The fellows motivated them to participate in the exams and promised to help the students with all their lessons. The motivation and help of TAO fellows helped the students effectively in less amount of time to get ready for their exam with less practice and spending time. As result, TAO covered schools’ students who succeed in their exams successfully with remarkable results and appreciated the way TAO fellows cooperated with them with the distribution of stated notes.