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No words to express your ideas? Draw it!

No words to express your ideas? Draw it!

Teach for Afghanistan’s fellows observe their students’ abilities and potential. Class teaching is not the only duty they have; once they see the student’s capability, they work on it and try to intensify it.

One of the fellows believes that school is not just a place to read books and do the homework; it also is a place to build the individual’s capability, be it a student, a teacher, a principle, or a cleaner.

Teach for Afghanistan’s fellow Ms. Karima Pasdar besides her daily standard teaching, shows her students how to draw and helps them build their drawing skills with the aim to understand their imagination. She teaches her students another way to express their ideas without words. She shows them how to draw by implanting their words into their drawings.

Art is a skill that allows man to express their thoughts and imagination through their paintings and drawings. In the process of teaching and learning, it is important to pay attention to students’ skills and thoughts; therefore, in the school’s break time Ms. Karima Pasdar teaches art to her five selected students.

She added that her focus is on students’ potential development. She says, in order to develop the students’ potential, I give them homework related to their daily life situations to reflect”. She mentioned that she receives all kinds of drawings like the drawing of a beautiful house, a sun, a family picture, but one day, she received an unusual drawing of a woman while farming. “I asked the student why she chose to draw the farming women,” she said. The student replied, “I love to see and think of the farming lady’s multiple duties working on the land and performing her duties at home doing the housework. I am trying to show that women are not weak; besides farming, they can handle the big responsibility of being a mother too”.

Ms. Karima Pasdar said, “I loved my student’s imagination and encouraged her to continue with her drawings and express her feelings through art. Art is one of the ways to express one’s feelings without words”.

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