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Our Impact

TAO fellows believe in bringing innovative practices to improve the learning levels in classroom. A systematic approach with a constant support for two years has a direct positive impact on students. It directly leads to TAO vision to make students grow into critical thinkers, problem solvers, thinkers, artists and decision makers with a deep belief that education can change their destiny.


On Students:

Our Fellow Miss. Naira was placed in a classroom of girls who hated mathematics and weren’t able to solves basic arithmetic operations.

Within months in her classroom Ms. Naira realized that there is no point to continue teaching like this if foundation is weak. So, she started extra special classes before school where she focused more on basics and a peer to peer attention to girls. The students who couldn’t add in starting months won the Part-11 High school competition in mathematics.

A deep belief to express one’s opinions and feelings is done by poems and writings. TAO fellows Ms. TaibaMujaddedi and Ms. FahimaWahabzada noticed that the girls they were teaching were interested in writings and poems. This made them to start a Cultural and Literary Society in schoolto support the passion of writing. Their writings mostly entail their own feelings, life experiences, perspectives on life as well as social issues. One of the poem titled Afghan Girl written by GeetaOmary, 11th grade student, was published in newspaper, The Age of Civilization of Kapisa on 30-Nov-2017.

On Fellows:

Miss Shamsia had a deep belief in her skills but was introvert and lacked confidence. As a TAO Fellow she was placed with diverse group of fellows and was pushed to be part of learning groups, personal leadership trainings and constant support to work on her competencies.

Her capacity and leadership skills were developed as a result ,she became part of Norwegian Refugee Council’s Education team impacting more kids and inspiring women around to have deep belief over what they do.

TAO facilitated English training classes at their office in Jalalabad. The training was attended by fellows and was focused on listening, reading and writing. It boost the confidence among fellows and pushed them out of their comfort zone of mother tongue to learn a new skill. The fellows attended training anytime in between 8.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m. according to their availability and showed a considerable change in their English skills.