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The war that lasted more than 3 decades have made the education in Afghanistan deeply compromised and neglected. The enrollment in classroom has increased but it lacks qualified teachers. The young kids of Afghanistan dream of a better future but they don’t have mentors and teachers in their schools to show them the pathway. TAO promises in placing the most promising future leaders in classroom and give every kid an opportunity to grow and learn. These Fellows are equipped with key competencies, such as resilience and commitment to make a considerable impact in children’s lives.


A nation of excellence where all Afghan children have the education, support and opportunity to shape a better future for themselves and all of us.


To develop quality education in Afghanistan by empowering young Afghan men and women to become transformational leaders in the classroom, school, and communities to ensure all Afghan children have the opportunity to reach their highest potential.


We believe in these values that guide us in our journey

Integrity | Love | Constant Learning | Excellence | Interdependence | Sense of Possibility