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Teach For Afghanistan’s Fellow opens a Library for girls in her school

Teach For Afghanistan’s Fellow opens a Library for girls in her school: 


Muzghan Amine is a teacher with a vision that all children deserve a quality education, access to resources. She believes that before anyone else extends the helping hand one should be tried with the limited resources they have in hand.
Ms.Amine since joining the school, she realized that the school didn’t have a library neither it could receive any library soon with the limited school budget.
Ms.Amine asked TAO for support to instruct her on creating a library with no money in hand; our team supported her by making a plan and connecting her to our contact with the national library office in Kabul to share about their management of library and better usage.

After her consultation with us, she asked her friends, students, co-teachers, school management, and the villagers to help her with any book available with them so she can set a room for it to put the books in it and their children and all student take benefit by using this small library.
She receives around 100 books and with a group of young girls goes to school principal office and asks for a room to be used as a library, a cupboard of the principal office and then she and all her students clean the room from the dirt and dust and then she put the books in there and invited all the school student to visit the small library.
Currently, the library is active with daily over 50-100 students visiting and reading books, and it shall remain for the use of the school and its students as long as the school stands.
Muzghan says, “I know these books are not new or updated but each book has something in it which will be useful for my students, even if it helps them in reading or writing it can be something that currently millions of children are deprived of”.