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There are many ways to solve a problem; you just need to open your eyes and find the possible ones.


There are many ways to solve a problem; you just need to open your eyes and find the possible ones.

Roma Sakandari, a teacher who is passionate about her sacred job of teaching, believes that teaching is based on daily self-creativity and innovation. She added that her school is located in an isolated area like any other school in Parwan Province.

“I believe that school is the place where parents send their children to receive a good education, therefore, the students should learn most of their life lessons in there,” she said. On the other hand, teaching is based on using both practical and theoretical methods using real materials. “We, the fellows of Teach for Afghanistan are using new teaching approaches to teach our students; however, there is a lack of material for practical work in almost all of the school subjects”.

Like other teachers in Afghanistan, Ms. Sakandari encountered the same barriers in her teaching. The barriers that she faced was not to find the real teaching aids but the cost she could not bear and afford. This fellow of Teach for Afghanistan visited different teachers at various schools in Parwan province to learn from their experience. She came up with no solution to the problem. Ms. Sakandari said, “I concluded that the teachers who were teaching with traditional methods do not contribute much to today’s digital and modern learning process”.

She stated, “I might not be able to help all the Afghan teachers, but, I must change my way of teaching. I couldn’t tolerate this situation of teaching in my school; I should come out of my comfort and do something to change this situation. Besides that, in my class, I figured out that most of the lessons need practical teaching and need teaching material. The students will not be able to learn properly by just reading and memorizing. Fortunately, following the training that Teach For Afghanistan Organization has provided us, I found out that if there are no real materials available in the classroom, we can come up with other teaching aids to use for practical teaching. I started to look for used materials to reuse. Later, I created many teaching aids for teaching that I never thought of. I believe that if you are in a situation with no material to use, you can always find another way to solve the problem. You just need to open your eyes and find the attainable ways.

She ended up saying, “my students become happy with practical teaching and the teaching aids that I created to use”. Additionally, “the students turn out to be motivated by my efforts and started helping me in creating teaching aids”.

Ms. Sakandari’s students say, they love her teaching sessions and want to be with her.

Teach for Afghanistan is proud to share one of Ms. Sakandari’s innovations, which is teaching how to make a water heater with simple materials.