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Unknown and the Variable

Unknown and the Variable

Learning is the ability that man is born with. In my fellowship journey, I learned a lot from my students’ experiences and beliefs; everyone has something to share that a lesson can be learned from.

One day in my class, I was teaching about the (UNKNOWN) and the (VARIABLE).  The (UNKNOWN) is something not specified and the (VARIABLE) is something that can be changed. While teaching, I asked my students to come up with some practical examples defining these two words. The next day, my students brought many interesting examples that I could not even think of. One example I received from one of my students was; the education system is variable as it changes; the Afghan youth can bring change into the system by studying how to shape the future.

One of the students said, she shared the meaning of these two words with her family and explained that the unknown has to be figured out. The family members were fighting with each other on an unknown issue. The student mentioned that the cause of the fight and a solution should be sought. The family searched and come up with a solution leading to a stop in their fight. The student’s family apologized to each other and lived in harmony once again. The student’s mother came to the school and thanked the teacher whose class teaching led the family to a successful reunion.

“I become surprised by my student’s reflection, which helped her family to unite,” said the teacher. “I believe my efforts had an impact on my students and would like to thank Teach for Afghanistan Organization (TAO) for providing me the opportunity to become a fellow. The training I received at TAO enabled me to help my students seek an appropriate solution to their problem.

The literacy rate in Afghanistan in comparison with other countries is very low; therefore, most of the fights and struggles among families are caused by illiteracy. Teach for Afghanistan believes that one day all Afghan nations will have access to quality education by supporting them with a better education.

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